You have been Complicit in this crime…

Anyone surprised by this (Rutherford…) is a complete and total moron. If this is a monumental revelation, that Obama and his ilk think so poorly of the American people, then you likely voted for him and the cabal of Democrats that have been pissing on the electorate for more than six years now.

You’ve been a fool. A mark. You have aided and abetted the crime of the century as Obama and the Dem Mafia have raped and pillaged the future of the nation. You are an accomplice to High Crimes and Misdemeanors, and deserve condemnation and ridicule for your actions. You are either grossly incompetent, or grossly complicit, in the actions of this Administration.

You should be ashamed.

And while the Dems attempt to dodge Gruber, they will ultimately fail:

Except that:


But this is the smoking gun. Nothing Obama can say at this point to separate himself from his ilk:

Of course, you were told, so claiming ignorance won’t spare you. Every claim made by Conservatives about this Administration has been born out in fact. From the FACT that Obamacare was going to greatly increase the cost of healthcare and purge millions from their current doctors, to Obama’s naivete on National Security on issues ranging from Russia to Iraq to Iran, to Obama’s flagrant violation of law after law after law. Your head resting in the sand excuses you not from your role in enabling this Administration to shred the fabric of law, security, and economic well-being for the American people.

Of course, Obama is about to once again shit on the Constitution and the rule of law with his “executive action” on amnesty. He has no legal standing. If he does this, he will be violating a body of legislation that spans years.

The question is, will you, the dupe that has been consistently abetting this Regime, continue to do so, recognizing that your support is enabling a crime?

Will you?