Are you kidding me?

“In the long run we can’t continue to spend as if deficits don’t have consequences, as if waste doesn’t matter, as if the hard earned tax dollars of the American people can be treated like monopoly money, that’s what we’ve seen time and time again, Washington has become more concerned about the next election than the next generation.”

What? It is at this point that any rational actor musters all they can to not completely blow their top. This SOB has quadrupled (4 times) the national debt in one (1) year the last year of Bush. He has spent more, in one year, than Bush spent in 8. This guy is a complete and total fraud.

I challenge anyone to point out one thing that this idiot has done this year that has helped the American people. Just one thing…


By Way of Comparison…

Lately there have been some interesting comparisons between Obama and Bush. One of particular interest is by the American Spectator that compares Bush’s efforts to overhaul Social Security (which is going broke) to Obama’s effort to overhaul healthcare (which isn’t going broke).

In May of 2005, CNN found that that 52 percent opposed Bush’s efforts to allow individuals to invest a portion of their Social Security taxes into the stock market or bonds, compared to 44 percent who favored it- an 8 point margin against the effort, which ultimately died.

In a recent CNN poll on healthcare, they found that 61 percent of Americans oppose the Senate health care bill, compared to 36 percent who support it- an atrocious 25 point margin against the effort.

Resurgent Republic is reporting an interesting tidbit about how voters 55 and older feel about the healthcare initiative.

Voters age 55 and older oppose “the health care reforms being debated in Congress” by 48 to 39 percent. Republicans are overwhelmingly opposed at 83 to 9 percent, as are a majority of Independents at 52 to 33 percent. Only Democratic voters in this survey support the reforms, 70 to 16 percent. Opposition among voters age 55 and older tracks the latest average where voters of all ages oppose the health care reform plan by 52 to 39 percent.


What is pretty clear from this is that healthcare reform is purely a partisan issue. More to the point, it is an ideological issue with an attitude of “the hell with what the people want- or don’t”, we as liberals know better. Again, the left is condescendingly talking down to the American people with an arrogance rivaled by none.

Which makes this poll all the more interesting.

Perhaps the greatest measure of Obama’s declining support is that just 50% of voters now say they prefer having him as President to George W. Bush, with 44% saying they’d rather have his predecessor. Given the horrendous approval ratings Bush showed during his final term that’s somewhat of a surprise and an indication that voters are increasingly placing the blame on Obama for the country’s difficulties instead of giving him space because of the tough situation he inherited. The closeness in the Obama/Bush numbers also has implications for the 2010 elections. Using the Bush card may not be particularly effective for Democrats anymore, which is good news generally for Republicans and especially ones like Rob Portman who are running for office and have close ties to the former President.


The fact that within one year, Obama holds a mere 6 point lead over the FORMER administration who left the office with a 22% approval rating says volumes. The left, and Dems in particular, have completed misread the ’08 election.