Titanic: Oh So Appropriate…




“We don’t have the wind at our backs this election. We have the wind in our face because the American people have the wind in their faces. This is going to be a titanic struggle.” – David Axelrod

Titanic. A more appropriate comparison has never been made.

Maybe it was a Freudian slip, the subconscious getting one over and expressing a genuine fear: 2012 is going to be ugly.

Dems are running from this pResident as if he had the plague. I challenge any to find a Dem Congressmen- especially one up for re-election- championing the pResident’s initiatives, namely his Jobs Plan. He cannot even find a sponsor, let alone a champion. Even the Dem Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid (D-NV) is pushing off on the plan… until after a week-long vacation and a vote on China’s role as a “currency manipulator”.  

Every demographic is down on Obama. Stan Greenberg, a Dem pollster, recently found in a survey that Dems candidates in 60 GOP House battleground districts were fairing worse than they did in 2010, largely because of Obama. Multiple polls surveying multiple demographics have found Obama at all-time lows. The latest Economist/YouGov poll found Obama at only 36% approval against 56% disapproval. His standing with liberals is down, according to Gallup, which doesn’t imply a switch in votes but certainly a lack of intensity and involvement. Likewise, Jewish approval of Obama– a typically heavily Dem demo- stands at only 45%. Icing on the cake is the Investor Business Daily poll that found independents, by 53% to 38%, believe that someone other than Obama deserves to be in the Oval office.

This puts the Obama Administration in a very precarious position, and angles of attack are quickly dwindling. Another recent Gallup poll found that a majority rate Obama the same, or worse, than President Bush. The importance of this poll is that the goat- as in scapegoat- has left the building. Blaming Bush for Obama’s economy is no longer working.

Guess what else is no longer working, or at least not as well as it once did: the liberal media. The White House recently reached out to MTV in an effort to “reconnect” with young people. The network declined the invitation saying they don’t do political work. Hmmmm. Couple that with the bombshell comment from Newsweek editor Tina Brown while talking about Chris Christie getting into the Presidential race, Actually, I just hope he doesn’t, because in the end, you know, his tremendous misgivings, maybe he is right. I mean, we had this with Obama. He wasn’t ready, it turns out, really. Double hmmmm.

Considering where the Dems stand in the Senate, there is a very good chance that the GOP takes the Senate in 2012 as well. RealClearPolitics has done a very good break down of the Senate races, and is worth a read. This puts Obama in an even more tenuous position, as he now will not have the advantage of leveraging key local politicians in battleground states. In 2008, Obama flipped 9 key red states. Well, 2010 and since have seen Obama’s polling in all of those states under 50%. Plus, local elections and the 2010 mid-terms have made the Census all that more important in redistrcting.

No, no word better encapsulates the current position of the Obama 2012 campaign- Titanic.


Obama Popularity is a Red Herring

I was reading a recent Politico article: Battleground Poll: Obama approval rating down amid deep economic fears and it had a particular nugget that caught my attention. The nugget in question said this:


Putting aside how they feel about his job performance, 74 percent of voters said they either strongly or somewhat approve of Obama as a person, his highest rating in the past year. His solid personal popularity remains a source of pride — and hope — for top advisers who spent 2008 trying to get voters to identify with Obama, an African-American with roots in Hawaii, Indonesia and Chicago.


When I read this, I had to ask, why? Obama is arrogant, elitist, cold, distant, condescending and arrogant (did I already say that?). Why would anyone like a political entity that exudes these qualities? Then it hit me- he’s black. For years now, we’ve been told that anyone who disagrees with Obama is a racist, or worse. Case in point, Congressman Andre Carson claiming the Tea Party wants to hang black people from trees. Or any number of hundreds of comments made by liberals on how any opposition to Obama is racist. There has literally been a deluge of inflammatory political defamation from the left in an effort to affect the popularity of a political movement they don’t like.


Which brings us back to the point at hand, Obama’s personal popularity. I think that when that question is asked, the response is in a effort to deflect claims that someone disagreeing with Obama’s policies is a racist. Consider that when these polling agencies call, they ask a lot of questions. They’re asking financial questions, demographic questions, political questions, etc- these calls can take upwards of 15-20 minutes sometimes. By the end of the call, they know a lot more about you than you know about them, and there is the inherent concern, especially in this inflamed rhetorical era we seem to live in, that what is said could come back to haunt.


So, when the polling agency asks about whether or not you like the black man in charge, the answer is, “of course, he’s a great person even though I disagree with pretty much everything is stands for.” This is what the left has wrought on us as a society, we can’t be honest with ourselves or anyone else without fear of being grossly- and inaccurately- labeled with vile monikers, the only purpose of which is to intimidate honest reflection.


I don’t know Barak Obama personally- I only know the political personality presented constantly, and I can’t stand that person. He’s a hypocrite, a liar, and a fraud. He’s exceedingly arrogant, condescending and elitist. He’s close-minded and incredibly intolerant of those that don’t conform to his perceptions or beliefs. I find nothing endearing about this person, and frankly cannot wait to see him tossed out on his arrogant ass in 2012.


I caution those who think this personal popularity metric is any indicator for a second term, because as long as economic disapproval remains in the 70’s and 80’s, it won’t mean a hill of beans- and probably isn’t true to begin with.