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Seen at the parking lot of a Lowes in Virginia. It was late, so I’m sure he wass upset someone hadn’t fixed his problem for free yet…

Real Hope and Change

“Rabbit it will be interesting to see how you balance your conviction that Romney will save us from Obama with the fact that under Romney things won’t change. I almost want Romney to win just to see how the conversations on this blog change next year.” – Rutherford Lawson

 This comment was made by Rutherford- affectionately known as R- at his blog and it got me thinking: will the election of Romney alone be enough to turn the country around?

 Hmmm, an interesting question, but then it got me thinking of this: will the defeat of Obama be enough to turn the country around?

 One could argue that these are merely two sides of the same coin, but I think there’s a bit more to it than that. The second question, far more than the first, could be critical in gauging what the electorate may do in November.


I started writing this post on June 27th, and as such, this is how it was going. Then June 28th came along and well, things have changed.

I have said before that the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare was a lose-lose for Obama. If he loses, he comes across as a moron. If he wins, then he fires up not just the right, but independents that were very much against this bill. Which brings us back to this comment: will the election of Romney alone be enough to turn the country around?

Yesterday I would have said that this election is all about getting rid of Obama. Today, not only is this about getting rid of Obama, but it is also about scouring the country from the stain of his policies.

The 2010 mid-term election was largely a referendum on the process, and subsequent passing, of Obamacare. It birthed the Tea Party and resulted in the Dems losing sum 70 seats and control of the House of Representatives. A major part of the 2010 mid-terms were the independent voters, angry at the passage of Obamacare, who showed up in droves to vote out Dems who supported the bill. Their opposition to Obamacare has not changed in the two years since its passage.

So back to the question. I thought that there was something deeper to the issue. Not anymore. Romney’s win and Obama’s defeat is critical to turning this country around. We have to have a change in policy at the top. We have to have an emphasis placed on economic development. Obama won’t do that. Again, 75% of business say Obamacare is a major reason why they are not hiring. That and the Taxagedon scheduled to hit like the Mayan end-of-days on January 1st, 2013. Obama’s not going to fix these major obstacles to economic growth.

More to the point, business now is not going to hire until after the election. Business wants clarity, and they won’t have that until after they know whether it is four more years of Obama or a new direction under Romney. That means that job numbers are not going to increase in any real way for probably the rest of the year. Business is not going to hire. Period. Thanks Barack.

But like I said, poll after poll shows independents against Obamacare. Expect to see the ‘undecided’ or ‘don’t know’ numbers in the various polls decline, and they will likely overwhelmingly jump to the disapprove column. While a July 1st Reuters/Ipsos poll of registered voters showed increased support for the law- 48% up from 43%; however, it also found 53% said they would likely vote for a candidate running on a platform to repeal the law- up from 46% before the ruling.

Of course, this isn’t the only thing Obama has done recently to piss folks off. Let us not forget his recent amnesty fiat for illegal immigrants. AQuinnipiacUniversitypoll found that 26% ofOhioindependent swing voters were less likely to support Obama following the decision, versus only 10% saying they were more likely to support him. Likewise inPennsylvania, 32% said the decision would push them away from Obama while again 10% were more likely to support him. InFlorida, 14% of independents said they were more likely to support Obama because of the immigration decision while 22% were less likely to do so. These aren’t unimportant states- every single one of them are critical for either candidate to win the White House and in every case, the critical independent vote is less likely to support the Administration.

And then there is the decision by the White House to cover for the corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder by Obama invoking executive privilege. The Hill recently conducted a poll that found that 56% of likely voters nationwide disapproved of Obama’s invocation of executive privilege, while only 29% supported it. Of this, 61% of independents disapproved versus 25% supporting.

And this has only been the last couple of weeks.

The toll is starting to show. Obama hit 33 fundraisers in June- eight times as many as George W. Bush in June of 2004. That’s right, eight times- Bush did four fundraisers in June ’04. Yet Romney has outraised Obama. In fact, Obama and his policies has turned out to be a pretty big fundraiser for Romney. For instance, following the SCOTUS decision on Obamacare, Romney received $4.3 million in donations from 43,000 donors: that’s approximately $100 each donor. Those are real middle class donation instead of the $38,800 a plate specials that Mooch and Barack scheme with their celebrity sycophants.

R’s convinced things won’t change under Romney. I can’t fathom how they wouldn’t. I find it hard to imagine that any other President could be as dishonest with the American public as Obama. When Obama loses in November- and yes, he will lose big- everything is going to change. Maybe even, we can have hope once again…