Big Fucking Deal

In military circles we have a phrase to guard against hype—expectation management. Pretty simple, don’t overly expect because the “fog of war” and the “friction” of action, to borrow terms from Clausewitz, ALWAYS impact the outcome. As such, many live by the mantra of, “plan for the worst, hope for the best.” Which brings me to a couple important definitions:

Hope:   noun: 1. a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

 2. (archaic) a feeling of trust.

Verb: 1. want something to happen or be the case.

Hmmmmm, there’s a couple terms here that need further clarity, for our more challenged citizens who seem to struggle with the meaning of things.

Want:   verb: 1. have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for.

 2. (archaic) lack or be short of something desirable or essential.

Noun 1. (archaic) a lack or deficiency of something.

 2. a desire for something.


Desire:                 noun 1. a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

 Verb 1. strongly wish for or want (something).


Wish:    verb       1. feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable; want something that cannot or probably will not happen.

Noun     1. a desire or hope for something to happen.


Anyone who supported Obamacare lived/s in this vernacular. This is the language of the left, and it decidedly lacks some really important terms, like:

Plan:      noun     1. a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.

 2. an intention or decision about what one is going to do.

 3. a detailed diagram, drawing, or program, in particular.

Verb      1. decide on and arrange in advance.

2. design or make a plan of (something to be made or built).


Accountability: noun 1. the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.


Honest: adjective 1. free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere; morally correct or virtuous; fairly earned, esp. through hard work; (of an action) blameless or well intentioned even if unsuccessful or misguided; simple, unpretentious, and unsophisticated.

adverb: 1. used to persuade someone of the truth of something.


Nothing that is happening right now with Obamacare should be a surprise. None of it. Aside from the common-sense perspective of knowing that there was no chance that the Federal Government was going to do this well, all of the woes that are being inflicted on the American people were predicted in 2009 and 2010. That viiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeee Tea Party said this would occur, over and over again. The Tea Party were front and center on predicting the sky rocketing costs of health insurance and they very much predicted that millions would lose their insurance plans. Obama created the Tea Party, and now he has validated the Tea Party like no one else could do.

The one disagreement I’ve had with the Tea Party was the constant effort to delay or prevent Obamacare after the Supreme Court ruling. Chief Justice Roberts was on to something when he said that the Supreme Court was not intended to protect the people from their electoral mistakes. I have been of the frame of mind for some time now that America needs the pain of this travesty. No matter how many times Grandma told you the stove was hot, it took getting burned to really learn the lesson. Well, right now, America is getting really burned.

Obamacare has been a massive anchor on the U.S. economy, but, for whatever reason, it has been hard to convince people of the connection. Of course, this might have had something to do with it….

Obama’s strategy has always been to delay the impact of this law, knowing it was not going to be received well. He has repeatedly violated the law by arbitrarily delaying components of the law to fit his political constituency, or to minimize the blowback of the law’s effect. But October 1st brought about the end of that and splashed cold water of the face of the deluded who continued to hope, want or desire something better from an Administration that has sold this law as highly as it has.

There is a sense one gets, a feeling of betrayal tinged with anger and disappointment, when one gets swindled. When that great deal turns out to be a lemon or when you know that you’ve been robbed. I’ve repeatedly called Obama a Carpetbagger, but since his election in 2008, he’s really been a snake oil salesman:

Snake oil is an expression that originally referred to fraudulent health products or unproven medicine but has come to refer to any product with questionable or unverifiable quality or benefit. By extension, a snake oil salesman is someone who knowingly sells fraudulent goods or who is himself or herself a fraud, quack, charlatan, and the like.”

I thought in 2012 that the American people were going to see through Obama and the Democrat party’s lies, smell the bullshit, and punish them accordingly. What I didn’t take into account was the need to be burned. America, on both sides of the isle, has been exceedingly patient and accommodating to this Administration. Had President George W. Bush done any one of the myriad of flagrancies that this Administration has repeatedly done, the media and the people would have raised hell. But this Administration has been able to get away with it because A) ALL critics of its policies are defined as racists, and B) America sincerely wants to get beyond the race argument and thinks that if Obama is successful, then we will have made progress. While Obama has been able to hide behind the black half of his ancestry, the Dem party has not.

2010 was a clear rejection of the party platform, Obamacare in particular. Folks like David Plouffe, who unfortunately are associated with Obama’s white half and thus can’t hide behind skin tone, are hoping that Obamacare doesn’t hurt them in 2014 like it did in 2010. On ABC with George Stephanopoulos, Plouffe commented that Obama was not in a similar situation to President Bush in 2005:

“But where could we be in four or five months?” Plouffe continued. “Hopefully the website is working fine and people are enrolling for health care. Hopefully, we won’t have another Washington dysfunction—which is one of the reasons people are upset, it’s not just health care—and we pass a budget and move forward, and the economy continues to strengthen. So we could be in a much different place three, four months from now. No doubt this is challenging time, but I think you have to have some perspective here. The story could change.”

“The political notion that next year’s election, or 2016, the Republican platform is going to be getting rid of health care?” Plouffe continued. “Millions of people will be signed up. It’s an impossibility.”

Hopefully? Could? The Administration, and the Dem party in particular, are hoping things improve, and based on this hope, are asserting that the political opposition, who has consistently pushed for getting rid of Obamacare since the law passed via unscrupulous means, will not continue to do so. Do I need to define insanity?

No one trusts Obama anymore. Dems have been able to get by on Obama’s trust and likeability factors, but those are collapsing. To think that the Dems will be able to escape accountability for this disaster seems impossible:


Even while Dems are admitting that they knew this would happen, I have no confidence in our electorates low information voters willingness to seek the truth on this. The only way they are going to see the truth of the matter is to be burned. It is unfortunate, but necessary:


And maybe they’re learning:


I was talking to a friend of mine a couple days ago and we discussed how bad this has been, not just for the Administration and Dems in general, but for America. He commented that Obama’s legacy will be on par with Jimmy Carter. I told him that I most certainly hope not. There is a huge difference between incompetence and deceit. We should hope that Obama is not painted as Carter 2.0, but as Nixon 2.0. The people, and future generations, need to look back at this President and his Administration accurately, not as a group incapable of leading the nation, but one a group more than willing to lie, cheat, and steal to achieve power at the expense of current and future generations. Obama is, and has been, a tyrant, and should forever be regarded as such.


There is No Tea in this Strange Brew

So I was listening to the Tuesday morning re-run of the O’Rielly Factor, which was being guest hosted by Laura Ingram, and she had on a couple ladies discussing the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters. One of her guests was a woman by the name of Erica Payne who essentially said that the Tea Party and the OWS crowd were much closer than they appear. The Tea Party’s anger at the bank bailouts fits well with the OWS’s anger at Wall Street. She went on to say that the two need to come together as they are really allies in their overall anger at corporate greed.

Then, while going through my morning routine of catching up on news and commentary from the blogosphere, I see that my friend Rutherford posted a comment saying essentially the same thing. So, it would seem the talking points have gone around and the left , in an effort to attach some legitimacy to this crowd, is looking to co-opt the Tea Party to do it.

It has really been amazing to watch this progression of liberal talking points with regards to both the Tea Party and the OWS movement. First we saw the Tea Party vilified with every nasty rhetorical comment possible, most notably racist. The we saw liberals come out and call the OWS movement the real “Tea Party”. Now, we’re seeing liberals come out and say that the Tea Party and the OWS are really just the same thing. Rutherford’s mea culpa on blasting the Tea Party right before attempting to tie the two together just goes to show how desperate the left is to find something that will genuinely connect with the American people.

So, let us put to bed this foolish notion that somehow, the Tea Party and the OWS movement are two peas from the same pod.

Ideas matter: The ideological differences between the two groups could not be more stark or divergent. The Tea Party is focused on a return to our Founding Documents and the premise espoused by the Fo0unding Fathers of a limited government. It isn’t calling for the abandonment of the system, rather, it is a call for the return to the original system.

OWS is not calling for a return to the founding documents nor are they interested in fixing the system. Their intent, as demonstrated repeatedly through their signs, their rhetoric and their associates is revolution for revolutions sake. The left has tried to defend the OWS movement from itself by claiming that they are being taken advantage of by outside groups. Unfortunately for the left, this has been proven false by none other than the OWS movement itself. Where the Tea Party shouted down external agitators trying to take over the movement, the OWS movement has embraced their “external” agitators. The Communist Party USA, community organizers like ACORN and the Unions have been involved in this from the beginning.

Conduct Unbecoming: The most that was seen from the Tea Party was a passionate debate with politicians who were not representing the people. The Tea Party took this to the street to demonstrate popular support for politicians to listen to their constituents. The Tea Party took advantage of Congressional Town Halls to confront these politicians and voice their displeasure. It has been documented, several times, the difference between a Tea Party event and a leftist event: cleanliness. More importantly, the Tea Party demonstrates a love of country and a true appreciation of the rights and freedoms that we have.

This is markedly NOT a position of the OWS movement. I don’t have to point out that leftists are pigs and leave a trail of debris behind them wherever they go. No, there a more fundamental issues at hand here that separate the OWS movement from the Tea Party:

Now, Rutherford and his compadres on the left will say that this is an unfair representation of the OWS movement. I completely disagree. I think this is a perfect representation of the OWS movement, and I think this for a very simple reason: you are whose company you keep.

No matter how hard you look, you are not going to find Tea Party members flying the Soviet flag. In fact, the only time you will see the Hammer & Sickle at a Tea Party event is when the Tea Party is demonstrating the similarities between the current Administration and its socialist policies. Likewise, you will not see the Communist Party USA at ANY Tea Party event.

Nor will you find folks wandering around in an East German military uniform.

And as for conduct, when was the last time that you saw Tea Party members getting a tutorial on how to pick police hand-cuffs? Even the Hitler posters at the Tea Party events were not Tea Party, they were from the leftist group Larouche.

Who Really Owns this Movement?: The left has worked very hard to call the Tea Party an artificial grass-roots movement, and I mean really hard.

From Michael Moore to Howard Dean to President Obama, there has been a consistent effort to call the Tea Party Astroturf. Well, the Tea Party has demonstrated, repeatedly and to the chagrin of many in the GOP, the authenticity of the Tea Party- November 2010 being the greatest example.
That authenticity is in serious question when it comes to the OWS movement.

Interestingly, but certainly not all that surprising, there has been exposures of folks being paid to protest in DC. We have the Unions throwing down tremendous amounts of cash, personnel and resources. Is the movement one that has simply been co-opted by others? Possible, but doubtful. To be co-opted, you would have to have issues with the occupiers of the occupiers. The problem is that the Occupiers don’t mind the communists, the anarchists or the union thugs. Why? Because they are one in the same. There is no conflict between these groups because there is no conflict in their ideas and goals.

Unlike the Tea Party, this is not about saving the nation- it’s about fundamentally transforming it into something else. We’ve heard this before:

To think that these groups are not tied together at the hip is naiveté to the core. Don’t believe me?

PETITION: I Stand with #OccupyWallStreet

Protestors are assembling in New York and around the country to let billionaires, big oil and big bankers know that we’re not going to let the richest 1% force draconian economic policies and massive cuts to crucial programs on Main Street Americans.

Out-of-touch Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor said he is “increasingly concerned by the growing mobs.” Mobs? That must be what Republicans refer to as the middle class, or maybe the millions of unemployed Americans across the country.

As Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters, “The message of the American people is that no longer will the recklessness of some on Wall Street cause massive joblessness on Main Street…”

Help us send a message straight to Eric Cantor, Speaker Boehner, and the rest of reckless Republican leadership in Congress:

Sign our petition right now and help us reach 100,000 strong standing with #OccupyWallStreet protestors across the country >>

This is an email from the DCCC’s executive director Robby Mook. The link at the bottom of the email goes to the DCCC website. The Dems are all in. They need this to be authentic, they need this to be real, they need this to motivate their base and show up in November 2012. Their efforts are Machiavelian, and they will stoop to any level to keep power.

So, the next time you’re considering who and what the OWS movement is, keep this little nugget tucked away in your mind.

Go Left Young Man

Mike Malloy

I have a solution, I have a solution…Barack Obama ought to call a press conference later on this week, another one, ought to be prime time on at night. And he ought to come out after channeling Lyndon Baines Johnson from March 31,1968, and uh – and I’ll share what LBJ said with you back then. Obama should come out and say to the American public, ‘OK, I get it. Now let me tell you something – everybody – I made the history books!

I’m the first African-American, real African-American – father African, mother American – eh eh! I am the first African American President! I understand that that has really irritated an awful lot of people in this country, because so many people in this country still can’t get over the fact that a black man is leading them. So I tell you what I am going to do, here’s what I’m going to do – I’m going to tell you right now, I’m in the history books, you cannot take that away. But I willl NOT seek nor will I accept the nomination of the Democratic Party for a second term! I’m finished! I understand the President should say what’s going to happen in the next two years. I understand that the Presidential sweepstakes started last night, as soon as the returns were in, and everybody was SURE of what the balance of power was going to be. I understand, because I’ve listened to BONER…I’ve listened to McConnell… I’ve listened to Pence…I’ve listened to uh, uh Cornyn…. I’ve listened to all of these guys and they are NOT going to work with me! OK! You got it!

I am not going to seek and I will not ACCEPT the nomination of my party for a second term. But here is what I am going to do….I am going to kick all of your asses! I am going to tell the TRUTH about what these right-wing capitalists are doing! I’m going to tell the truth about how the media is screwing you people to the ground! I’m going to tell the truth about every single one of these filthy Republicans that are destroying the country! In other words, Mr. and Mrs. America, I’m going to give you something you haven’t had in a long ass time – the TRUTH! And you can’t handle the truth! That’s all Mr. Obama has to do. And then after making an announcement like that…and after uh, uh Chris…who’s the guy on MSNBC….Chris Matthews and uh all the people over at the Fox sewer hole and uh uh David Gergen and Wolf Blitzer and – and-and- and -(laughs) go right down the list! After all of them pick their asses up off the floor and go OH MY GOD! All of a sudden, their whole reason for existing, these media thugs and punks, for the next two years, is GONE! GONE! No more contest! No more who’s going to – uh – Obama is going to fight against! No more speculation! It’s gone! And then Obama can work as a progressive, a real liberal, to continue the efforts that were started 80 years ago to make this a just society and he can tell the Republicans to kiss his black ass! – Mike Malloy, Liberal Talk Radio Host 11/3/10

Since Democrat losses on November 2nd, there have been two competing messages going to President Obama. One has been to move to the center, similar to that of President Clinton following the 1994 mid-term losses, and the other has been to go far to the left. The later, surprisingly, has been the loudest and most fervent, Malloy’s comments being a prime example of such. He’s not alone of course, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz had this to say the day after the election:

Mr. Vanilla?

Malloy, and Schultz echo’s this, want a far more aggressive Obama. Malloy continues: “Take this lame-duck session after you make your announcement, and jam everything home that you possibly can….they are not going to re-elect you, they are not going to respect you..they are not going to work with you….for Christ’s sake! Stop pretending that they will! Stop begging! Be a man! Stand up! You are dealing with midgets, racists, and pigs. Why -why are you getting down to their level after they kicked your ass? Even now, after they kicked your ass? For two years! Fight back, Mr. President, the only way you can. KILL THEM! KILL THEM!

With the base making these kinds of calls- and make no doubt, Schultz and Malloy represent Obama’s ideological base- it is no wonder that liberally distilled House Democrats selected Nancy Pelosi as their leader. Donna Brazil had this to say about Pelosi’s leadership election:

Pelosi is still standing. Moreover, the House Democrats are ready to re-elect her, despite some hesitation from the so-called Blue Dog or moderate to conservative Democrats. As Pelosi has stated many times during the 111th session of Congress, it was not about her, it was about her members. And she never deviated from that script.

Many a pundit looked at the Dems following the election and concluded that the party was confused and dazed by the results. I don’t think so, as Lawrence O’Donnell so aptly explains:

This makes the Lame Duck session of Congress all that more important. The left recognizes this as possibly the last real chance for some years to be able to push through their agenda. With the passing of this Congress, the only real strength the Dems, or more specifically- though there is little difference anymore- the left, will have is the White House. They will be ever more dependent on Obama’s veto and more sinisterly, his executive powers. John Podesta of the Center for American Progress:

Concentrating on executive powers presents a real opportunity for the Obama administration to turn its focus away from a divided Congress and the unappetizing process of making legislative sausage. Instead, the administration can focus on the president’s ability to deliver results for the American people on the things that matter most to them…

One could make the argument that they are not hearing the call of the American people from the election. On the contrary, I think they hear it just fine, but are choosing to ignore the calls. This is inherently a decision on the part of the left to rule over the people, rather than to govern by the consent of the people.

Well, if November 2nd is any indicator, those chickens are coming home to roost.

With a Bow on Top!!!

Poor Taste…

So I was reading the editorial page of the San Francisco Chronicle as it laid the case for why it is good for Nancy Pelosi to pursue the leadership of her party in the minority. The money quote was this:

Pelosi is widely recognized as one of the most effective speakers of the House in modern history. There is no one on Capitol Hill who can match her prowess as a fundraiser or as a party leader. Even those who disagree with her policies can’t deny the skill she’s exhibited over the last four years at marching the often-fractious Democratic caucus through one tough vote after another. She has unmatched credibility with the caucus, especially the liberal members.

This was the unapologetic justification for why:

This will be a disappointment to the remaining House Democrats [Obama’s expected movement to the center]- it’s a more liberal caucus now that so many moderates lost their seats. It’s hard to imagine anyone else in the House who will be able to persuade the Democratic members to support the president’s new agenda the way that Pelosi will.

Now, this sounds like compounding the problem to me, but hey, it’s not my problem. In fact, this is quite possibly one of the greatest things the Dems could have done for the GOP. Pelosi’s favorability is 29%. Her unfavorability is 56%. Four years ago, opinions of her stood at 44% in favor and just 22% against. How time does tell.

Couple this with the likely persistence of Harry Reid as the Dem Senate Majority leader, whose public opinion polls stand similar to Pelosi’s at 29% in favor and 54% against. Toss in the President who, on a good day, may break even at best but is typically upside down in the polls as well and we have the perfect trifecta of personalities that define the liberal agenda. This is very important because the GOP just ran a VERY successful House election campaign based largely on tying every Dem to Obama-Reid-Pelosi. And what do we see happening now? Obama-Reid-Pelosi lives on!!!

More than $65 million was spent on 161,203 ads that targeted Pelosi from January 1 through last week’s election, according to a new analysis of TV ads for CNN by Campaign Media Analysis Group.

A draft letter being drafted by House Dems says that the defeated members “fear that Republicans will further demonize you [Pelosi], and in so doing, they will scare potential candidates out. The prospect of having to run against their own party leadership, in addition to their Republican opponent is simply too daunting.”

We could point out many the poll that pointed to the popular dissatisfaction with the direction of the country as ordained by the trifecta, but I prefer the most important poll of all- the electorate. Michael Barone does a fine job in articulating just what the electorate said:

Republicans look to have a bigger advantage in this redistricting cycle than they’ve ever had before. It appears that in the states that will have more than five districts (you can make only limited partisan difference in smaller states), Republicans will control redistricting in 13 states with a total of 165 House districts and Democrats will have control in only four states with a total of 40 districts. You can add Minnesota (seven or eight districts) to the first list if the final count gives Republicans the governorship and New York (27 or 28 districts) to the second list if the final count gives Democrats the state Senate.

When the tea party movement first made itself heard, Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed it as “Astroturf,” a phony organization financed by a few millionaires. She may have been projecting — those union demonstrators you see at Democratic events or heckling Republicans are often paid by the hour.

In any case, the depth and the breadth of Republican victories in state legislative races, even more than their gain of 60-plus seats in the U.S. House and six seats in the Senate, shows that the tea party movement was a genuine popular upheaval of vast dimensions. Particularly in traditional blue-collar areas, voters rejected longtime Democrats or abandoned lifelong partisan allegiances and elected Republicans.

Obama once famously, if not arrogantly, said “I won.”

Well, not anymore.