10 Immutable Laws Of Money

Via zerohedge.com. This applies as much to governments as it does to people…

Money – we all want it, but few of us are willing to sacrifice to get it. Those that have it generally don’t understand it, and those that don’t have it come up with excuses why they can’t get it. If this sounds confusing – it is.

For all that we have accomplished in the United States in the last 200+ years we have failed miserably at teaching our children the basics of money management. I am not talking about stock and bond portfolios but rather the basics of spending less than you make, understanding of credit, and how to balance a check a book.

We are inundated daily with credit card commercials that show how great life can be – just charge it. We are enticed to buy things that we don’t really need though the use of zero percent financing – but only while it lasts. We are motivated to consume anything and everything in pursuit of the American dream but no one ever talks about the consequences of our actions.

The Secret To Wealth

I could literally be kicked out of the financial community for divulging the one secret that has been so closely guarded by the credit card companies, the mortgage companies, the banks and WallStreet for so many years. This secret, of course, is the true road to wealth and happiness. It is irrefutable, undeniable and absolutely achievable. If you implement this one secret in your life – you will be rich and you won’t be able to stop it.

The Secret: Spend Less Than You Make

That’s right. This is the one secret that no one wants you to know because the more you save – the less the credit card companies make.  The more you save the less in fees that Wall Street makes.  The more you save the wealthier you get.