Out-Nixoning Nixon

There are so many angles to this story that just makes one want to puke. Obama’s intentional disinterest in the security of diplomatic facilities in harm’s way; the complete failure of a Secretary of State and her department to adequately manage resources and the security of personnel in hostile environments; the intentional deluge of disinformation while withholding accurate information so as to distort perceptions for political advancement—this Administration has done what no other modern Administration has managed to do: Out-Nixon Nixon.

Richard Nixon’s crime was withholding and distorting information after the fact—the cover-up—but Nixon’s malfeasance never resulted in the deaths of a U.S. Ambassador and diplomats. Nixon didn’t obfuscate the deaths of American citizens, yet Obama has done just that. We, as a nation, should be furious at the persistent series of lies and distortions this Administration has pushed forward.

First, as Commander-in-Chief, it is Obama’s first responsibility to defend America and its interests, anywhere in the world. He isn’t expected to don body armor and head into the front lines, but he is supposed to be actively engaged in defending the nation. Yet, he completely failed to not only be engaged, but to even be interested:



We jokingly asked where the obligatory crisis room photo op is. Well, now we know why one was never put out—he never showed up. 3 AM phone call? Please…

I don’t think folks truly recognize how damning this statement is. Consulates and Embassies are SOVEREIGN territories of the state. That IS U.S. soil, and to not show ANY interest in defending it, let curiosity as to what the hell is happening on it WHILE being attacked is criminal. But this is just as damning for Clinton as it is for Obama—no call from the State Department was ever made for support:



The testimony from Panetta and Dempsey makes the completely absurd claim of “what difference does it make” all that much more damning.



The difference, you incompetent fucking hag, is that you CANNOT “figure out what happened” if you do not know what the cause of the attack was. And this wasn’t a protest that went bad, or a random act of violence against Americans in some foreign land: it was an ATTACK by AL-QAIDA against a U.S. CONSULATE on fucking SEPTEMBER 11th.

What has happened with regards to the Benghazi Consulate attack is criminal. Obama, Clinton, and multiple others in this Administration have been lying to the American people. Obama’s lies have been from the get-go because he knew his failures would likely result in his not getting re-elected: and he was probably right. So now we, trapped in an Administration that is failing on so many levels for all the wrong reasons, have to come to terms with the simple fact that Obama and his cronies need to be held accountable for the loss of life on the fateful day.

We should be furious. We should be repulsed. We should not let this go unanswered.



4 thoughts on “Out-Nixoning Nixon

  1. Well I hope to build on this latter but I just have to say this for now. Dempsey is a piece of shit and demonstrates greatly the bad that has come to our armed forces at the “professional” level. Freaking weasel. I actually enjoyed watching McCain skewering of him. WEASEL!

  2. Yeah, he’s not the most popular and it is no surprise that he was picked by Obama to be Chairman. Sad thing is, there aren’t very many good generals right now, at least not ones Obama would pick…

  3. I have gotten from a number of Army.AF and Navy friends & acquaintances that the micro management & civilian styled education and operation structure are crippling the forces. Crazy decision processes that seem to defy military culture. BiW has a thread going that I’m entering concerning Benghazi and O. I’m trying to work a few things out between the two blogs now.
    For here and now I’d love to ask you the question I kind of tossed out there.
    Is it that Obama was/is out of touch,oblivious,evil what ever or is it that the other elements of the Administration operate at a level not seen since Iran Contra? Like to see your thoughts @ your leisure. I’m personally hunkering down due to the blizzard and am at the ‘outer tonight with a bit of energy.

    1. Leading from Behind, sort of sums it all up. When you fail to hold yourself or your staff accountable, well, it is unlikely that your underlings will do the same. It was easy to capitalize on events like the Abbattabad raid because it was an offensive op put together by professionals that really required nothing more than a yes or no from Obama. What we have seen, consistently, is that Obama does not do well to responding to crisis. He completely failed to address Tunisia, he response to Egypt was dismal and his response to Benghazi was non-existent. Hillary’s 3A.M. commercial comes to mind and seems to be more than a little accurate. Of course, she missed the call too so…

      There is a lot more partisan actors in the government right now. We’ve gotten away from the is it the right thing to do versus the more common today how does this play to my political agenda. Before, I would have argued that the partisan actions and actors was at the political appointee level and the career civil servants did a very good job of shielding the bulk of the organization from those political machinations. Now, we’re seeing civil servant promotions based on ideology versus productivity, which of course means that the partisan taint is infecting lower levels.

      Pushing civilians into positions affecting the military when they have no military experience—or even familiarization—is another issue. It is amazing how ignorant some of these folks are, and when you begin to explain the 2nd and 3rd order effects of a decision, they just look at you with these does eyes, befuddled that you would have the audacity to consider the implications of their wonderful idea. Of course, once you begin to challenge them on the various points of their premise, identifying potential challenges to their intent, they begin to do one of two things 1) whither under your scrutiny as if you had a spot light, car battery and jumper cables; or 2) face opposition with righteous indignation and attempt to berate you as a A) dinosaur, B) Monstrous Cyclops with a red monocle, or C) a partisan hack indebted to the Military Industrial Complex and unwilling to shed even a single defense dollar for the sake of children. It is tiring and completely unnecessary. Unless you are willing to crush them quietly at the outset—which most folks do not because they are embarrassed by the treatment and behavior—the perception is that they’re right because they’re loud, facts be damned.

      This, of course, brings us full circle to the travesty that was Clinton and the entire Benghazi affair. The administration has been incredibly dishonest about this, and to think that holding them accountable is, well, unthinkable.

      After all, he wears halos so well…

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