Obama Misses Legal Deadline To Submit A Budget, White House Says They Have No Idea When Or If He Plans To Release One.

Question: If Obama consistently fails to follow the law–and it is apparently ok to ignore said laws–then how/why does he expect new laws on guns to work?

Of course, my liberal friends out there will ignore the question. They will obfuscate and misdirect. They’ll ignore the plethora of statistical data that contradicts their position (whether on economics or gun violence) and they will most certainly belittle and demean those who argue that you cannot lay claim to one need (which already exists under current legislation) while actively ignoring the other obvious–and legally mandated–need.

 While it is not uncommon for libs to talk out of both sides of their face, it is constructive to point out their rank hypocrisy. It is hard to justify the necessity of new “laws” when the one calling for said new “laws” consistently refuses to follow the existing old “laws”.

Want to know why we can’t have an honest debate on guns, the economy, or anything else?

Liberals aren’t fucking honest…