Since Paul Ryan was announced to be Mitt Romney’s running mate, we’ve heard non-stop about the “Ryan Plan” and how it was a gold mine for the left in their fight against Romney. This was it! This was going to be the stepping stone to another four years of his Majesties reign! The Messiah would come again and fundamentally change this nation! The seas would recede, the masses would be blessed – halleluiah, we’d all be saved from ourselves and those evil Republicans.

Except for one little problem.

Actually, ‘problem’ isn’t the right word. It’s a question, dared to be asked:

What is Obama’s Plan?

This seems to have caused great consternation, for no one can explain it. No one can point to it. No one can even articulate the premise it’ll be conceived from. We know, we’ve asked.

Of course, this leaves us with but one course, just one road that can provide insight into what we can expect out of Obama, and that would be the road we’ve been on. 8+ percent unemployment. Record debt, record poverty, record hopelessness. You want to know what Obama’s plan is for Medicare? Look at what he’s done- suck the funds from that entitlement program to fund his own entitlement program. Liberals will tell you that all he did was take money from the insurance companies, so its OK. Really? In an industry that operates on a 1-2% profit margin, do you really think they’ll just suck up $716 billion dollars? Of course not, they are going to transfer those costs to the patients because they have to recoup the funds from somewhere.

Ha, tag, you’re it.

Obama and the left have been exposed. The silence is deafening. The fact that we are about to get into September – just two months till election day – and Obama, nor any of his bots, can articulate or point to a single plan to deal with the pressing issues of this nation speaks volumes. He has been a complete and utter failure as a leader and as a president. And the fact that he thinks that he doesn’t have to tell us what he’s going to do in any substantial way is insulting and degrading.

The mantra for the Obama campaign might as well be, “you’ll have to elect me to see what I’ll do.

No, we don’t. We’re going to look at you now, just like we’re gonna look at you in two months…

…through the rear view mirror.