Romney-Ryan 2012



It is official, Mitt Romney has selected Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his Vice President running mate. I really like this decision and I think the American people are going to be especially receptive to this choice as well, and here is why: the Ryan selection shows that Romney is serious about the issues most important to the American people. A Rubio selection would have looked too much like pandering to the Hispanic vote. I like Rubio and I know a lot of Conservatives were really interested in his selection, but he has a lot of seasoning left to do in order to be ready for the Presidential stage.

So why is Ryan the right choice? Well, to answer this, you have to look at what the American people want:



The top three in particular are sharp rebukes to the Obama Administration: Good jobs, federal corruption and federal deficits. In the top five is also the long term stability of Social Security and Medicare, something Ryan actually has a plan for as opposed to Obama. But let us consider this:



Romney supporters hold four of the top five issues of the American people as their top priorities. Obama supporters, not so much. Let’s look back at the election issue priorities: creating good jobs, reducing federal corruption, and reducing the federal deficit. Obama has failed at creating jobs, something that the American people have expected since day one. Further, Obama is responsible for the fastest rate of debt in the Nation’s history and has contributed fully one third of the national debt in just three and half years with what will be four years of consecutive trillion dollar deficits. Obama promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term, instead, he has increased it by over 200%. And Obama has had one of the most secretive governments in modern history, literally rivaled only by Richard Nixon. His party was punished for its failure to concentrate on these priorities in 2010. Since the mid-term elections, Obama and his party continue to fail in reflecting on the will of the people. But let’s further consider what the priorities of the American people were were in 2008:



There are two things in particular that I find most interesting in reflecting on the differences in the election priorities of 2008 and now 2012. Reducing federal corruption and stabilizing Social Security and Medicare. Neither of these were even on the 2008 priorities list, yet they are both in the top five of the 2012 list. Why? The corruption priority is second only to creating jobs, which is clearly a reflection of the disapproval of the American people of the secrecy and crony capitalism going on in Obama’s Administration. Only 16% of the American people approve of Obama’s approval of federal loans to Solyndra and only 27% think the fed should be funding venture investments in the first place. Per the Washington Post, “71% of the Obama Energy Department’s grants and loans went to ‘individuals who were bundlers, members of Obama’s National Finance Committee, or large donors to the Democratic Party.’” Further, the Department of Energy Inspector General has opened over 100 criminal investigations. The Obama Administration has hoped this would go unnoticed, but clearly it has not.

As for Social Security and Medicare, we’ve received multiple reports about how the program is going bankrupt. Buried within the latest Trusties Report one finds that inflation begins to exceed program gains in 2013. Yes, 2013. Yes, that is next year. Significant tax increases (~28%) or benefit cuts (~22%) will be required in roughly 2037. Medicare is projected to go broke in 2016, and that is assuming that no “Doctor fix” is passed by Congress and Obamacare’s 31% decline of doctor reimbursement goes into effect. Again, the American people are acutely aware of the growing national debt and recognize that the national entitlement programs have to be overhauled if they are to have any chance of continuing to exist.

All of this has manifested itself in Obama’s job approval. Gallup’s most recent weekly average reflects Obama’s job approval as:


This poll reflects one of the main reasons why I think Obama loses in November. First and foremost, his approval is above 50% – but is declining – with only the 18-29 Age group, which is historically the most unreliable voting age group. His approval rate with whites, the largest and most reliable voting demographic, is an abysmal 35%. But look at his approval rating with Independents, just 39% and falling.

Romney made a good choice in selecting Ryan. He can articulate the GOP’s policies, but more importantly, he can expose the obfuscation of the Obama campaign. It’ll be good to see him and Romney fix the nation.


Here is Ryan exposing Obama at the Healthcare Summit. Note, Ryan was dead on when he said that the President and the Dems were not listening. Obamacare is STILL not popular, with most wanting it repealed.


Here is Obama exposing himself for not really understanding the problem and wanting to score cheap political points.




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