Sometimes I sit back and say, “what the hell are you thinking?”

Like when Ann Coulter- who I like- says, “what I am saying now is of the available candidates, Romney is by far the most conservative, tied with Michele Bachmann. And he has the proven ability to win in a state like Massachusetts.” What? What exactly has Mitt Romney done that demonstrates “conservative” values? Romneycare? And to say he is as Conservative as Michele Bachmann- what? Whether you like Bachmann or not, Romney’s clearly not as conservative as Bachmann… or Rick Santorum… or Rick Perry. Tied? Me thinks Coulter has spent a wee bit too much time in the land of Republican establishment/RINOs, which was pretty clear in her support to Chris Christy. Yeah, I like Christy too and I especially like it when he goes after Obama and the unions, but he is not the most conservative of Republicans.

Of course there is Romney himself, who has had the audacity to claim that Newt Gingrich is an, “extremely unreliable leader in the conservative world.” What? Compared to who, himself? Is it really necessary to trot out the multiple videos and statements made by Romney over the years where he specifically denounces conservatism and instead calls himself a moderate with progressive values? See, it is comments like this that boggle the mind because Romney has NEVER been a leader in the conservative world, which is the primary reason why he cannot muster popular support to put the primary away. Romney has always been viewed by conservatives- the base of the Republican party, much to the chagrin of the Republican establishment- as a last resort. He’s the emergency cord, only to be pulled in the event that ALL other candidates self implode.

Even Glenn Beck, known more for his libertarian views, is falling off of the wagon. He has recently stated that if Gingrich gets the Republican nomination that he will seriously consider supporting Ron Paul if he runs third party. Now, I like Beck- tears and all- but supporting any third party candidate, especially Ron Paul- guarantees Obama’s re-election, which last I checked was not what Beck wanted.

So why the mental breakdown? Newt Gingrich was not my first choice, though I have longed to see a debate between him and Obama. Bachmann made a push and had an early showing, but she has showed she’s just not ready. Santorum is as conservative as they come, but he just doesn’t connect with people. Perry is by far the most conservative of the mainstream candidates, but poor debate performances have lead to folks questioning his ability to communicate conservative principles. Herman Cain sounded good as well, but he had nothing to offer in foreign policy and his domestic ideas sounded good, but had considerable holes. Of course the accusations didn’t help. Through all of this, Romney has not budged in the polls. His inability to pull supporters from the other flameouts is quite telling- Republicans are looking for something else. Even Paul has had a difficult time capitalizing on the mistakes and carnage of the other candidates, and whatever gains he has made has been because he has gotten almost no scrutiny. A dose of sunlight would probably hurt him more than any other candidate.

That leaves us with Newt. Does he have baggage? Of course, but it is well known, so no surprises (Surprise: Cain’s kryptonite).

Has he worked with liberals and Dems before? Of course, but he’s made compromises where it has worked towards conservative principles (Compromise: Bachmann’s kryptonite).

Is he a good debater? Damn skippy. His ability to instantly recall historical facts, national statistics and policy, and then articulate them in ways that average Americans can understand is without equal (Debating/Communication: Perry’s kryptonite).

Newt isn’t perfect- no candidate is- but he surpasses the current Administration by leaps and bounds. Let us not forget that it was Newt’s Congress that balanced the budget and reformed the welfare state- no easy tasks. Newt has apologized for his past failings, and I think that is something commendable. At least he will admit that he has done wrong, as opposed to the current narcissist-in-chief. In a decision between Romney and Gingrich, Newt is clearly the most conservative, but regardless of which wins the nomination process, the most important thing remains the dethroning of Barak Obama.

Let’s get through the process, but ABO (Anybody But Obama) remains the end goal.


UPDATE!!! 12-16-2011


New poll from Gallup on the breakdown of Republican voters.



Romney does best with those on the East coast- no surprise- and the 18-34 year old demographic. But that’s not all rosey considering that they’re not paying as much attention. So much for the youth vote…


I’m still ABO, but these numbers show that Republicans have issues with Romney as a conservative- and that’s all over the nation.