One thing I will always do- if not begrudgingly so- is respect a liberal who stands on their principles. They’re still idiots, but I respect their integrity to stand by their moronic positions. Through thick and thin, good and bad, or feast and famine, having the integrity to defend your ideological principles is a character trait far too many undervalue.

However, in order to do this, one has to be willing to stand tall and proud in the face of both criticism and praise. Unfortunately, most liberals have neither the intellectual integrity nor the testicular fortitude to admit their true ideological positions, let alone defend them.


Case in point, Barak Obama. The greatest example of political smoke and mirrors is without question the current pResident. From “cutting” the deficit, to political transparency and accountability, this Regime has demonstrated an eerie panache for talking out of both sides of their head. This is well documented and efforts to debate this point fail miserably… which is why the left NEVER attempts to debate this point.

 Instead, Obama and the left are focused on deflecting the election away from the Administration’s record and towards ‘ideas’. The reasoning is obvious, Obama- contrary to his own narcissistic analysis of himself- cannot defend his record, so he needs to focus on rhetoric and platitudes. Just like 2008, Obama is going to focus on nebulous ideas that vilifies one segment of our society while victimizing the other.


Yes, victimizing.


Convincing people that there is some substance to the class warfare meme victimizes them. Getting people to buy into an ideology that subjects their financial- and thus mental, physical, familial and societal- future to government benevolence is the antithesis of what this nation and the American people stand for.





In a state-run society the government promises you security.  But it’s a false promise predicated on the idea that the opposite of security is risk.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The opposite of security is insecurity, and the only way to overcome insecurity is to take risks.  The gentle government that promises to hold your hand as you cross the street refuses to let go on the other side.  ~Theodore Forstmann


But Obama’s plan to force the national debate to ideas is his greatest mistake, a mistake we as Conservatives should not fret or run from. In fact, quite the opposite, for now we can directly confront the intellectual vacancy that is liberalism. And the people continue to be on our side. For the left, some inconvenient truths:


Overwhelmingly, the government- not big business or labor- is the thing Americans fear most.



And the breakdown of political party fears is even more telling.



 The left should take notice of independents. 64% of independents- that vaulted class critical to any election- fear big government more than big business. How hollow do you think that class warfare rhetoric sounds now? And there is plenty of evidence supporting the American populaces rejection of big government. Just look at the Obamacare. The law has never enjoyed popular support. In fact, it is quite the opposite, as it has been a consistent majority position of the American populace that the law be overturned.


A CBS News poll found that a majority- 54%- do not believe that Obama deserves to be re-elected. But it also found some more fundamental issues that the pResident is going to have a very difficult time glossing over. The survey found that the overwhelming general view on the direction of the economy is that it has not improved or is in fact worse from a year ago, 40% and 39% respectively. When asked, “Has President Obama made real progress fixing the economy?,” a resounding NO- 68%- rings true. But the more important aspect of this question is that 72% of independents say no. And things don’t get better for the Administration because the question, “Did President  Obama’s policies prevent a deeper recession?,” comes back with 49% in general, but 50% of independents specifically, saying no. This becomes critical because a majority have already made up their minds on the success of the Administrations financial acumen, and they’ve found it wanting.


But the survey continues to provide great news… for Conservatives. When asked, “Does President Obama share your priorities for the country?,” the survey found 54% saying no. That 54% is an all-time high. It is these next two questions in particular that I find the most telling and informative though:



“Who do the policies of the Obama Administration favor most?”


  • Wall Street                       Total- 42%                  GOP- 56%      Dems- 25%     Inds- 44%
  • Average Americans      Total- 38%                  GOP- 16%      Dems- 64%     Inds- 33%
  • Neither                              Total- 9%                    GOP- 18%      Dems- 1           Inds- 9%





“Blame for the Condition of the Economy?”


  • Bush Administration                            Now- 22%                  9/20/11- 22%                 6/20/11- 26%                      9/20/10- 37%
  • Congress                                                               16%                                    15%                                   11%                                         11%
  • Wall Street                                                           12%                                    16%                                   25%                                         21%
  • Obama Administration                                    12%                                    12%                                     8%                                           5%
  • Someone else                                                       7%                                      8%                                     8%                                           8%
  • All of them/combination                                24%                                    23%                                   19%                                         15%



These two questions are incredibly important because Obama’s entire economic argument is based on who is to blame for the economy and who are the beneficiaries of Obama’s policies. Obama’s class warfare rhetoric is focused on blaming Wall Street for the woes of the country, however a near majority believe that Obama’s own policies benefit Wall Street more than any other. And frankly there should be little wonder in why America would feel that way, especially since Obama gets more money from Wall Street than any other candidate. And while Obama continues to deflect blame for his economy, he is becoming ever more entangled with a general sense that he is as much culpable for the general mess as any other scapegoat he’d like to blame.


All of this amounts to an environment that is not receptive to an Administration that over promised and under delivered. I welcome Obama’s effort to play the game of ideas because in the arena of ideas, the Emperor has no clothes- or armor. Obama feels that his Administration has been one of the greatest Administrations ever, when an approval rating of 41% says quite the opposite. The intellectual fraud that is Barak Hussein Obama is about to be schooled.