Lord of the Fleas


LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 30:  An Occupy Los Angeles protester is arrested by Los Angeles Police Department officers after LAPD raided the protest campsite in the early hours of November 30, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Protesters remained on the City Hall lawn despite a deadline, set by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, to dismantle their campsite and leave the park which the city declared closed as of 12:01 am November 28th.  (Photo by Mark Boster-Pool/Getty Images)



6 thoughts on “Lord of the Fleas

  1. Lord of the Flies. They should’ve let well enough alone and the problem would’ve fixed itself.

    Seriously, nobody gives a shit about these people anymore. Everyone (except the MSNBC types) have moved on.

  2. Comment off the cuff. Guys, I wasn’t really much joking the other day that I have finally come to the conclusion Rutherford isn’t terribly worldly. And between Rutherford and that American hating moron Poolman, who I frankly think is so low I hope he gets blitzed somewhere along the road, R.L.’s place is frankly giving me gas anymore. If by chance a couple of you guys happen to leave that hole, it won’t be too difficult to abandon it all together. Let me know where you go, if you go.

    Rutherford believes that a open heart surgeon isn’t intelligent? How do you take somebody like that seriously? I know for a fact after at least gracing the halls of medical school, those guys are some of the smartest people on the planet. They have seven years in schooling beyond medical school and had to graduate at or near the top of their class to even be a candidate. And trust me – everybody in med school is capable.

    Rutherford obviously is pretty sheltered at what real life entails – I’m guessing because of his disability, he was disadvantage in other ways too – like getting exposure to what makes the world tick. When Frist made his statement about tears, we didn’t even know if HIV could not be vectored by mosquitoes. How can you be so horribly uninformed?

    We know Obama is at best a man of average intelligence, even when compared to a normal citizen on the street and Rutherford thinks him brilliant. It tells me Rutherford’s judgment really is impaired to say the least.


    P.S. Poolman wants a beer summit? 😈 I’d as soon drink camel piss. Here I am rooting for Poolman’s imminent demise (I have a real problem with citizens who diss and lie about America), and he wants to break bread. The man must be deluded and terribly lonely.

  3. No doubt.

    I think it has been interesting watching R go back and forth on this regime. He’s lost faith, and frankly I think he is desperately trying to find faith again, except that he’s going about it all wrong. Instead of sitting back and defending what BO has done right and how he is better, he’s focused on what he thinks will be wrong with any GOP candidate. BO has been the antithesis of hope and change. Unemployment is worse, debt is worse, corruption is worse, bureaucracy is worse- he can’t cite any examples of where this Administration has made things better for the nation.

    What frustrates me the most is how R completely pisses on his own principles to defend this guy because he’s frankly too intellectually dishonest to admit that he made a bad call supporting BO. I’d rather he came out and said that he was wrong about BO and that he should have supported Hillary Clinton instead than continue this wavering wonder of intellectual purgatory that he is in.

    As for going somewhere else, I’d much prefer to be home here than there, but that is where you guys are and I enjoy the banter, and R’s occasional appearance. As for the Piss Pot, I honestly don’t even read his comments. I skip right on by because there is nothing that racist ass-clown can say that is honest, intelligent or worthy of my time. A beer summit? Needless to say, no. It would probably be bad for his health…

    I’m gonna try to get something new posted soon. I’ve had some writers block of late, and coupled with no time, it’s just been too long.

    1. I am waiting for a new AC Adapter before I present you a “guest blog.” Last Tuesday, my tablet AC Adapter actually started smoking. I don’t even know for sure yet the computer isn’t fried. If so, I’ll get a new one, but that damn thing cost $2,300.00 – this one won’t be near as nice.

      Either way, coming soon. And it won’t be about politic – at least not Obama politic.

  4. How narcissistic is this guy?

    President Obama suggested, during his recent CBS interview, that his domestic and foreign policy achievements over his first term surpass any other United States president, “with the possible exceptions” of Presidents Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson.

    “I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president — with the possible exceptions of Johnson, F.D.R., and Lincoln,” Obama told Steve Kroft, “just in terms of what we’ve gotten done in modern history.”

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