There were two stories that I read recently that gave me pause. Not because they said anything I did not already know, but because they demonstrate the detachment this Administration has with both the American people and reality itself.

The first was an LA Times article titled Obama shifts from consensus to instincts on key calls. At first blush, one has to chuckle. Obama’s instincts suck, mostly because the man has no experience, which is what instinct is predominantly drawn from. But alas, the writers of the LA Times felt they had something constructive to say, and what else were they going to do with the page space? It is not like advertisers are knocking down their doors. The second was a poll conducted by CBS News titled United States of Influence. The poll finds that many Americans feel alienated from government and are unhappy with Washington. I know, a true epiphany.

By themselves, they provide next to no value whatsoever as they tell us something we already know: A) Obama does not use facts or reality to make decisions and B) that Americans despise Washington politicians. It is the combination of these two articles that provides a window into the future, highlighting what November 2012 is likely going to look like, and why.

The LA Times article focuses on Obama’s decision to pull out the surge troops against the advice of most of his advisors, but particularly the Military, namely Chairman of the Joint Chiefs- Admiral Mike Mullen- and Allied Commander of International Security Forces for Afghanistan- General David Petraeus. The article goes on to state that:

“Everybody came out of that meeting knowing the president wanted to go this direction[remove Afghan surge forces],” said the official who described the scene, “even though it wasn’t the pace that Gen. Petraeus was recommending.”

A week later, last Wednesday, Obama announced plans to withdraw the 33,000 “surge” troops he sent to Afghanistan.

To some who had attended the meeting, the encounter — and the president’s willingness to overrule key advisors — brought to mind another meeting four and a half months earlier.

This meeting of four and a half months earlier was the reaction to the Arab uprising in Egypt. Specifically, Obama’s decision to call for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down. I wrote on this then here, here, and here, pointing out that the options of this decision were not very good. And I was right as anyone who has been following Egypt’s sectarian violence against Christians and dramatic growth in Muslim Brotherhood political capital can attest. But this statement is what caught me off guard: “The change, which came into view with the Egypt decision in February, was vividly on display in the meetings that led to the decision to send a team of Navy SEALs to raid Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan.”  What? These two things have absolutely nothing in common. In fact, I’m so jaded with this Administration that I’m convinced that the only reason Obama approved the operation to kill bin Ladin was that he thought it would carry him through his re-election. Seriously. So, to see some effort to logically connect the two is humorous at first, but frustrating in the long run. However, it provides context into the man-child’s thinking.

Which brings us to the CBS News poll.


Not surprisingly, the numbers are not good and reflect an electorate that is extremely upset over the current condition in America. But why?


Well, when YOU are in the top three of things to be angry about, that should be somewhat concerning. This is why one of the best Presidential polls to track is Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, which tracks those that strongly agree against those that strongly disagree with the President. The premise, and a good one I think, is that those who feel strongly either way will be most likely to vote, donate, volunteer, etc, for or against the President. The poll has been a leading indicator for some time vis a vis Obama, and has had him in negative territory (more strongly disagree than strongly agree) since June of 2009… when Obamacare was forced upon the nation.

So in one hand we have Obama thinking that he alone is the solution to the woes of the nation, and in the other hand we have the nation counting Obama as one of the problems. How ironic.

While driving home the other day, Sean Hannity- who I sometimes listen to in the afternoon- had Dick Morris on his show and Sean stated that he thought it interesting that Obama, whom everyone thought would move to the center after such a disastrous mid-term election cycle, was not moving to the center but was in fact going left. Morris had a very interesting response. He said that Obama likely thinks that there are more liberals than there are conservatives (even though this is demonstrably false) and that he needs to re-energize this base with what they want, which is more liberals positions. Morris believes Obama bases this premise off of 2008, so in his calculus of political action, more government is better than less government because more is what the “base” wants. So what he is saying is that Obama is delusional.

Let us clear some stuff up from 2008. First, Obama ran against what I think is quite possibly the worst run Presidential campaign in modern history against a candidate that has essentially trademarked himself on not having a base position on anything. Secondly, the American people were scared. They were staring at economic collapse, jobs were disappearing, banks were failing, homes were being taken away- there was a true sense of economic panic going on.

And then the carpet-bagger-in-chief showed up. Yet, even he requires context. For all of its cons, the American Presidential run is one of the most vetting experiences ever. By the time November rolls around, we know the candidates likes, dislikes, friends, enemies, successes, failures, positions and ideology. This did not happen with Obama. Without a doubt, Obama has been the most unvetted, unknown candidate for President since the invent of modern communications. So, when Obama starts selling Hope and Change (which really should have been carpetbagger clue #1), a terrified populace perceiving no viable alternative decided to take a gamble. We lost.

So as Morris points out, Obama sees 2008 as proof that the country is more liberal and that he is the unique answer to what the American people need and want- even if they are not smart enough to realize it. I think Morris may be on to something here, and I don’t think it is limited to Obama. The left in general seems to be under this twisted perception that America is a left-of-center nation. On the cusp of another recession, we have Dems calling for higher taxes and more spending, even though unemployment is up 25%, the national debt is up 35% and gas is up 105% under Obama. Shovel ready not being so shovel ready is becoming a euphemism for so many other things this Administration has failed on.

Contrary to what the left might think, November 2010 was not an anomaly, unique to a moment in time. The Tea Party is but the expression of a greater manifestation in this nation, and that manifestation is that we, as a people, need to reaffirm our control of the government and its action, holding such accountable for their failings. While some on the left are beginning to break out of the malaise, the bulk of liberals are under the misguided perception that they are what this nation needs, or even wants. No, no you are not, and November 2010 should have been your first clue towards that.