A quick note as more will follow, but this cements Obama’s position as the second coming of Jimmy Carter. Obama, sensing the hardship of supporting an ally regardless of the consequences, is abandoning Hosni Mubarak. Egypt, under Mubarak has been a staunch US ally for 30 plus years and it has been Mubarak that has kept peace in the Levant between Israel and Egypt. With him gone, and the Muslim Brotherhood in power, then the peace between those two states is all but at an end. The Muslim Brotherhood is already calling for war with Israel and Tehran, rightfully so, are taunting US abandonment of Cairo and welcoming a growing Islamic wave in the Middle East.

Israel is shocked at what a fair-weather ally the US has turned into, and frankly, and other ally right now should be extremely concerned about the commitment of this Administration to honor alliances. The message that this sends will be extremely damaging, particularly in places where we’re extremely dependent on ally support, in particular, Pakistan.

What should shock and disgust this nation, more than anything, is the Administrations quick embrace of radical Islamists that call for Sharia and jihad. Well, quick might be a tad generous. We should all remember that he forced Egypt to invite ten senior members of the Muslim Botherhood to his Cairo speech in 2009. But the fact that it is being reported that this Administration began secret talks with the Muslim Brotherhood is disturbing. We face a constant threat from radical Islam, which only exacerbates the ludicrous nature of this Administration’s position. The Left continues to embrace Islam as Islam prepares to stab them, and us, in the heart. It’s sickening…