A Teachable Moment

The level of absurdity tied to the tragic events in Tucson continues to gnaw at me. From desperate political hacks attempting to capitalize on the deaths of the innocent to the failure of a few to just focus on doing their jobs; the only thing we’ve learned from this event is that there is scant little off limits to the political carrions in this world. That should disgust us all.

I would hope on nothing more than a little bit of sincerity, a whole lot of self-reflection and a renewed effort to appreciate those we love around us. So much for hope and change.

The Left continues to ascribe at every opportunity the mantra of right-wing to Laughner every chance they get- regardless of the absolute factual inaccuracies of the description. One idiot called Laughner’s believe in the subliminal use of grammar in mind-control a right-wing belief. Of course, this was the same idiot who was blaming Palin for the shooting on twitter, and elsewhere, before anyone had any idea who the shooter was- to include a name. And when the Palin meme failed, he swiftly switched over to blaming guns, because clearly his attacks on the 1st Amendment were not enough so he might as well include the 2nd Amendment as well. It’s a twofer really. I’ve documented the efforts of the left to not let this moment go to waste, but unfortunately, the efforts continue.

With all of this said, I do think we’ve learned a couple things about this, and about who we- and they- are.

We don’t believe the hype. 70% polled by CNN said that they do not want to see stricter gun control laws. Two thirds believe that there is nothing that society or government can do to prevent random events like this and only 25% and 19% think that political rhetoric or Sarah Palin, respectively, have a great deal of blame for the event. And by the by, the majority of Americans think Laughner should be executed for the deaths.

A Rasmussen poll found that 56% think that the media has concentrated far too much emphasis on political rhetoric. What’s interesting about this poll is that 74% of Republicans and 65% of independents think the medias coverage has been unbalanced, while most Dems think it has been just right.

And the “facts” coming out of the media are ludicrous on their face, and borderline fraudulent. This constant meme of right-wing this or that- Laughner was anything but right-wing. He hated George W. Bush, he thought that the government- not al-Qaida- did the 9/11 attacks and he was a registered independent who didn’t vote in the November 2010 midterm elections. Think about it, do you know any conservatives who didn’t vote in these midterms?

But what about them? Well, from Wasserman-Schultz trying to use the shooting to defend Obamacare, to FORMER Rep. Alan Grayson blaming Palin for overheated political rhetoric (now that’s rich), or the usual suspects of the left blaming political speech and second amendment rights on… wait for it… racism– the left is doing everything they can to milk this crisis for political expediency. And frankly, that’s more than a little disgusting. Unfortunately, its not all that surprising.

But the disingenuousness of this all doesn’t stop there. We’ve all been to memorial services and they tend to be somber occasions were we reflect on those lost and treasure what they gave us, as human beings, before they left. Now, a lot has been said about the Tucson crowd at the memorial, particularly in how it became, essentially, a presidential pep rally. If I had been a family member there, I’d probably have been pretty disgusted, but I won’t judge the crowd. I won’t even criticize the Presidents speech, which for all intents and purposes, fit the bill. However, as with anything this guy does, there seems to always be a need to poke the American people in the eye.

For starters, why the hell do you have an Indian Shaman do an invocation at a memorial service were the victims were all- with the exception of Rep. Giffords who is Jewish- Christian? On top of that, why do you use a “Catholic” Shaman? A non-prayer at a memorials service by a non-Shaman?

Or how about the t-shirts. First off, who was the genius who thought it would be a good idea to hand out t-shirts at a memorial service? To add insult to injury, why would you use old t-shirts from the 2008 Presidential campaign? And do we really need the slogan all over the Tucson bus stops now too?

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, sincere about this President or the Left. You and I are sheep to be herded and slaughtered as they deem fit. They will twist any event, they will tell any lie to get what they want- Power.

The Left has shown us just how much they really don’t care about you, me, anything other than their persistent pursuit of power. This has indeed been a teachable moment.


3 thoughts on “A Teachable Moment

  1. This is the article that the “idiot” used to back up his assertion that right wing nutjobbery was among several influences on Loughner.


    You can find more about the sovereign citizen’s movement elsewhere on the net if you wish to dismiss Mother Jones.

    I never said Loughner was right wing. On the contrary I said he had a mishmash of ideologies swimming in his head. He was no more a strict leftie than he was a strict rightie.

    1. Mother Jones, OK.

      Southern Poverty Law, now we’re getting somewhere. They are one of the biggest idiots out there calling the Tea Party racists because…. its convenient to their leftist ideology.

      Really, if you’re gonna say something as inflammatory as right-wing, 1) be genuine and 2) be intellectually honest.

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