I pondered doing a typical post on the winners and losers of 2010, but thought that it would be more interesting, and less pro forma, to simply pose a couple thoughts for general digestion.

We’ve learned this year that we as a nation are not as fickle and short sighted as politicians might hope for. It has long been assumed that we will forget a slight within a couple months and all will be forgiven. He who is incumbent has little to fear because the sheep will just pull the lever. Well, that line of thinking didn’t work out so well this year. We did remember, and we’re starting to hold folks accountable.

I think it is pretty clear that the greatest winner from 2010 was the Tea Party movement- and they’re here to stay. How do I know? When I walk into a bookstore now, at the front in the prime retail space of the store I see the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and the writings of our Founding Fathers. The political hyperbole aside partisans aside, there is a thirst and a hunger for a return to our beginnings, to understand who we are and where we came from.

But the Devil’s not left the building just yet. What can’t be done through legislation is and will be done through executive fiat. Don’t believe me? Look up Net Neutrality. The Court system  said don’t do it. The Congress said it wouldn’t pass it. So, like any good oligarchy, the Administration’s left wing radicals will do it anyway through executive powers. Remember, its about ends, not means.

2011 is a new year and a new chance. We can hope that this economic malaise we’ve been subjected through ends, but more importantly, it is the civil malaise we’ve been under that has to end. We are who we’ve been waiting for. Never has a more Orwellian phrase been uttered, but, as 2010 showed us, we are who we’ve been waiting for.

And we have arrived.