A Pox Upon Your House

For those who fight in the War on Terror, there is nothing feared more than a liberal lawyer. This fear is not rooted in their ability to intimidate, but in their sheer ideological stupidity. Society has been burned repeatedly by the legal scum of the left for many years as they have inflicted pain after pain on any semblance of just social order; typically in the name of naming less than “freedom”. Well, we have been blessed with yet another example of why society should not despise the left, no, it should hold nothing less than odious contempt for ideological technicians bent on destroying this nation.

After deliberating for five days, a jury found Ahmed Ghailani, guilty of conspiracy to damage or destroy U.S. property but acquitted him of more than 284 charges, which included 224 counts for murder, for his role in the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in East Africa.

One would have anticipated a more sober response from an administration that said “failure is not an option” when it comes to the terror trials, but alas, we’re all reminded that sobriety is not in the cards for this bunch of assclowns. Robert Gibbs, the face of this failure of an organization, responded to reporters as such:

“In the case of Mr. Ghailani, there was a guilty verdict, a minimum sentence of 20 years that incapacitated somebody that has committed a terrorist act and because of that incapacitation is not going to threaten American lives.” Robert “Goebbels” Gibbs

Except that he wasn’t convicted of terrorism, he was convicted of property damage. Someone please riddle me this, how the hell do you get convicted of property damage, but not of the murder of the people who died as a result of the property damage? IS this a case in which the prosecution, i.e. Attorney General Eric Holder should have maybe included a manslaughter option? Ooops.

Of course, insult to injury is the lefts complete disassociation with the publics disgust with this verdict. Left-wing legal group, Center for Constitutional Rights, had this to say about the verdict:

CCR questions the ability of anyone who is Muslim to receive a truly fair trial in any American judicial forum post-9/11.

Well, they had more to say than that, but really, what does it matter once you utter this nonsense.


A fellow blogger, Rutherford Lawson, had this to say about the verdict:

“the dude will go away for 20 to life. If I were a betting man, I’d wager the sentence will be closer to life. It’s kinda like dating … you don’t need to fall in love with every girl you date, you just need to find that one special one. They got him on one count …. and that’s all they needed. The rest is just symbolic.” – Rutherford


I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised about the foolishness of the endeavor to try these cases in civilian courts, nor should we be surprised at the travesty of justice that is resulting from such. Holder worked many hours, free of charge, to defend those that are incapacitated at Guantanamo Bay, and when he was selected as AG by Obama, he brought some of the neophytes from Covington & Burling with him. One might have questioned the potential conflict of interest that might arise from this, but this administration has never been slow in ignoring the potential for a conflict in interest. C&B advised its former troglodytes who crawled under the legal rock this administration operates from this tidbit of guidance: Lawyers from the firm who have become administration officials have been advised by ethics officials to recuse themselves in matters involving detainees represented by their former firms, but not from policy issues where they were not personally and substantially involved.

Frankly, this verdict clearly shows the ideological intent of the Administration- it isn’t about justice and it isn’t about security; its about cramming the ideological clothe of this President down the throats of every single American citizens, repercussions be damned.

We’re already hearing the cries from the GOP on this, as they’ve been the loudest opponents to civilian trials. We’ve even heard Congressional members call for Holder’s resignation. While find it highly unlikely Holder will bless this country with his resignation, I can rest assured knowing that the odds of Holder testifying before the House on this travesty are almost certain.


I don’t care how the insanity stops, but this has got to stop before more people are killed.



5 thoughts on “A Pox Upon Your House

  1. On MSNBC’s “Hardball” tonight former NY Governor George Pataki said that the civilian trials following the early 90’s WTC bombing led to 9/11. Listen at the 2:17 mark.

    I’m sorry … I don’t get that. Can you explain it?

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