Those in Glass Houses…

So, I just listened to Dr. Hill on the O’Reilly Factor defend the NAACP. Bill asked him to provide one data point in which the NAACP had addressed racism within the black community- Hill couldn’t. Or rather, he wouldn’t. In fact, he went on to say that the NAACP shouldn’t. And after he did, I can understand why.

First is the fact that labels mean something: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Dr. Hill said that the NAACP shouldn’t address racism within the black community because it was an advocacy organization for black people. Hmmmm, seems rather counter-intuitive from what the claim their mission is:

The mission of the [NAACP] is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.

Are they advocating for black people or protesting racism? At one time, these separate issues were in parallel, and thanks to the efforts of the NAACP, blacks have greatly moved forward in regards to equal rights. But what the NAACP has done vis a vis its latest statement on the Tea Party movement is demonstrate for all the they are, first and foremost, a black advocacy organization. Racism only applies if it works in the interest of black advocacy, so Dr. Hill has done quite a bit in that one segment to clarify not only who the NAACP is, but what they stand for.

The NAACP referenced Tea Party signs (Lynch Obama and Lynch Holder) that have never been documented- there is no factual evidence that these signs exist. Just like the NAACP- and others- have claimed that the Tea Party called members of the Congressional Black Caucus the niggers. There is no evidence of it ever happening. In fact, what is dishonest about that entire claim is that the Black Caucus was actually trolling for racist comments.

The Tea Party has asked them to prove it– they’re still waiting…

Andrew Breitbart has offered $100,000 to anyone who can prove it too. Maybe Rutherford can supplement his income with the “truth”. Doubtful…

We, as Conservatives, call the NAACP the NAALCP- National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People. There is a lot of evidence of this, from their (NAALCP) refusal to address the rampant racism of the New Black Panther Party, the Nation of Islam, or themselves:

Progressives have hijacked the NAACP to the extent that the group stands silent as conservative blacks suffer indignities for their beliefs. Some NAACP even egg on this appalling behavior – providing political cover and lapdog services for these elitists,” said Project 21 member Kevin Martin. “As a conservative black man, I have felt more welcomed and at home within the tea party movement than among those of my own who side with the this new NAACP. If a few random signs of President Obama looking like the Joker is indeed racist, then where was the NAACP when conservative blacks are depicted as lawn jockeys, Oreos and Uncle Toms?

Rutherford has taken it upon himself to congratulate the NAACP for condemning the Tea Party movement as racist, yet after constant prodding by conservatives on his site, refuses to address the racism in black organizations.

I again reflected on something I said in an earlier post about how issues of class are all too often confused with issues of race. I think Dr. Hill’s comments, in conjunction with Rutherford’s comments, makes me want to revive this statement: issues of class are all too often confused disguised with issues of race. The NAACP is demonstrating more and more that they are interested liberal political ideology than they are in equal opportunity and the elimination of race-based discrimination. They’re all over Obama cartoons, but where were they when Condoleezza Rice was called Brown Sugar in Doonesbury or depicted as a black mammy by Danziger?

Racism is wrong and everyone should be focused on the elimination of race-based discrimination. But it is highly hypocritical to tell whites to criticize and reject whites who are being racist and yet not expect blacks to do the exact same thing. Rutherford and Dr. Hill both commented on the premise that racism only applies to institutional power (which is bullshit). Well, the Black President of the United States and the Black Attorney General have decided to not address an issue of black voter intimidation and we have a whistle blower who is stating that this is a policy of the administration. The only thing that differentiates this from the 50’s is the date.

The NAACP and blacks in general have to get off of the premise of victimhood and start taking responsibility in holding their own accountable, for those that live in glass houses shouldn’t cast stones.


7 thoughts on “Those in Glass Houses…

  1. Unless the message is a lie.

    As said in another thread, the What Would Martin Luther King Think (WWMLKT) of the NAALCP? The abandonment of character for the embracement of entitlment- sounds like the very thing he was fighting against…

  2. Well it took me two weeks to get around to this:

    Let’s clear up a couple of items for the record: I have stated in the comments section of my blog that I think the NAACP is an anachronism. In fact, in the article in which Gorilla says I defend the NAACP, I’m actually critical of them. They were VERY late to the party when it comes to criticizing racist fringe elements of the Tea Party.

    That’s the other thing: the resolution by the NAACP was not supposed to condemn the Tea Party but rather to admonish them for not speaking out against the racist outliers. Last I looked, the resolution had still not been released to the public which I find awfully ridiculous. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound? An unpublished resolution is worthless.

    The problem with the NAACP is that enough progress has been made in the area of racial equity that all we need now is a HUMAN rights organization to watch out for the needs of all disenfranchised people. The dirt poor whites of Appalachia need just as much attention as the ghetto black.

    After the way the NAACP botched the Sherrod incident, I’m ready for them to fold up their tent and go away.

    P.S. G, advocacy groups are not about self monitoring. They are about making “the man” behave the way they want him to behave. Again, another reason why we need a general human rights organization that advocates for everyone.

    1. Advocacy groups are not about self monitoring? So why should the Tea Party movement call out anyone when it is pretty clear they are focused on the man?

      Breitbart says he posted the Sherrod video because it shows an NAACP event in which racist action was not called out, but rather, was laughed at and applauded. That little tidbit was drowned out in the lack of context for the parable Ms. Sherrod was telling.

      I’ve started using the notion of What Would Martin Luther King Think (WWMLKT) more and more when I ponder the issues of race. Tell me how the NAACP of today, or the Black Caucus for that matter, are any different than the white segregationists of the south in the 50’s and 60’s? When you have black politicians trolling for racist comments so they can use those sound bites for political fodder, what does that say about the black community?

      The NAACP says that their calling is the eradication of racial discrimination, but really it is the proposition of racial advocacy. WWMLKT? He’d be appalled.

      1. OK, regarding advocacy groups not self-monitoring, you’ve snared me in my own logical trap. If we expect the Tea Party to control their message, then we should expect the same from the NAACP. There’s the minor difference that the Tea Party lets its racist rogues misbehave in public. The NAACP meeting was not an open-to-the-public affair. Doesn’t make it right … but it is a bit different.

        One myth that needs to be dispelled is this laughter and applause foolishness. Watch the tape. When Sherrod describes her racist reaction to the farmer, she gets a mild reaction of understanding from the audience. No hootin’ and hollerin’. Furthermore, if they assumed the speaker in front of them was a decent woman, they probably felt there was more to come after the “I just did enough” comment. So the whole audience reaction thing has been way overblown.

        Finally, while you would be interested in MLK’s thoughts on the state of the black community, I would be interested in his thoughts on our progress toward racial equality. I suspect he would be pleased but not fully satisfied. Whether or not he would agree with me that the NAACP has served its purpose and run its course, remains to be seen.

      2. Really? Tea Party Express removed its chairman and the other Tea Party organizations ostracized Tea Party Express. The NAACP won’t even comment on the NBPP.

        I don’t know how unnoticable it was, I noticed it right away…

        I think he would agree with you, and I also think that he’d be completely disgusted with where the black community is at today. Low esteem might be a good way to put it, though that isn’t all that surprising- “victims” aren’t the proudest of folks.

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