A new CBS/New York Times Poll shows that the shine on the One is clearly gone.

The opinion of Obama is now 39 favor the President versus 34 who do not favor him. This is down 15 points from April of last year and 21 points from inauguration.

This is important, because while his approval rating has declined, he has maintained better favorability numbers, which have- to a degree- removed him from blame on some of the key issues upsetting the American people. But with his favorability declining, expect him to start to share in the blame. In fact, we’re already seeing this as a majority to Americans do not believe Obama deserves a second term.

Obama’s approval ratings in the poll declined as well to 46% with 45% disapproving. In fact, the only thing Obama enjoys a majority of support on is Terrorism at 55%. The remaining key issues of Foreign Policy (47%), Economy (42%), Health Care (35%), and the Budget Deficit (31%) are declining. What was particulary interesting is that the poll mentions that, “51% describe their feelings toward the Obama administration as dissatisfied or angry, while slightly fewer (47%) feel enthusiastic or satisfied.”

But here is the real kicker, after the One and a Half went out to tout how the Stimulus ‘saved us from the brink’, the American people aren’t buying it. 6% believe the stimulus has created jobs- 6%!!!

We aren’t buying the rhetoric coming out of the White House on the stimulus. Remember when we were told that the Stimulus had saved some 650,000 jobs, then suddenly jumped to 2 million jobs “saved or created”. When pressed, the administration trotted out a thoroughbred fit for the glue factory of a report that was replete with made up zip codes for non-existent Congressional districts that had “saved or created” imaginary jobs.

At 6%, it doesn’t matter that the Emperor is naked, he has no audience anyway since, per the poll, 56% don’t think Obama even has a clear plan to create jobs.

But here is a particularly telling element of the poll. 78% now believe that government is run by a few big interests. In July of 2004, that number was 64%, in August of 1995 it was 79% and in December of 1985 it was 54%. Here’s the interesting bit, let’s look at these years against their respective administration: Now- Obama, 2004- Bush, 1995- Clinton and 1985- Reagan.

Interesting how when the “party of the people” is in office, the opinion of the people is that the government isn’t working for the people.

And now for the cherry on the top:

The poll also finds a desire for smaller government. 59% of Americans think the government is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals, a percentage that has been consistent for many years. 56% would choose a smaller government providing fewer services over a bigger government providing more services, up from 48% last spring and the highest percentage in more than a decade.