Miss Me Yet?


13 thoughts on “Miss Me Yet?

  1. Hell must be freezing over.
    How can that be with global warming?
    As for the question at hand I have to answer with a conditional yes.

  2. You know what, I couldn’t agree with you more. My problem is that when I post, I want to put out something good. Secondly, I love the back and forth in debate, and while I like my blog, I’ll admit that it is too new and doesn’t have the volume of a lot of other places.

    So, I’ll make an effort to post more often, but certainly look forward to the chats elsewhere.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence though!

  3. Anytime Gorilla. I kinda feel sorry for you though. Kinda pointless wasting your time with these marxist drones though. If after a year they dont see the danger of these marxists in Washington, they never will. They are nothing more than enablers to the enemies of the American people.

    Send my regards to DR and Tex.

  4. I’m with Alfie – because I actually liked Bush. Was he perfect? Not even close.

    Is he more effective than Zero? Does Tiger like blonds? I like your blog Gorilla – straight forward, not busy and funny.

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