Yesterday, the Dems were surprised with the announcement that both Byron Dorgan of North Dakota and Chris Dodd of Connecticut will retire this year. Coincidentally, they both were also suffering in the polls against their GOP opponents. As Rep. Bart Gordon (D) from Tennessee said in his retirement announcement, “My shelf life was starting to run out. Our district clearly is a more difficult environment.”

Dem pollsters are saying that the GOP can take 21 seats- erasing the Dems 2008 gains- or as many as 30 seats. If unemployment stays high and/or we go into a double dip recession, along with the passage of devastating legislation like healthcare and cap & trade, the GOP gains could rival 1994.

Frankly this is rather amazing. 12 months ago, conservatives were in very low spirits and the Dems were at the height of power and looked to be in a position to solidify their gains for a generation. But the troika of Obama, Reid and Pelosi have done more to revitalize the GOP and full the conservative movement than the GOP could have ever hoped for on their own. As I pointed out earlier, the country remains solidly conservative and a whole slew of polls have showed a migration away from both of the political parties to independent or non-affiliated. Expect this trend to continue.

As a side note, during the campaign, Obama was touted by conservatives as a return of Jimmy Carter. This turns out to be an insult to Jimmy Carter…